Fusion 2009

Fusion 2009 represented the third annual challenge competition which was hosted on Saturday 09th May, 2009. The competition was an exciting, physical and intellectually challenging sporting event that required courage, fortitude, stamina, commitment and teamwork.

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Forty-two (42) teams participated with four persons on each team. Each team was required to hike/hash selected mountain trails within Trinidad as well as complete a series of team- work/problem-solving activities.

Competitors were required to assemble at Morne La Croix for 5:00am where team gears, first aid and team names were checked and team numbers assigned. This year the kick-off was different as teams were required to engage in “divide and conquer” as their first challenge. Two members had to hike midway to Caura while the remaining members trekked in the opposite direction to Le Monde River. Completion times ranged from 1hr 16 mins to 2hrs 53 mins for the 1st part and 1hr 22 mins to 3hrs 15 mins for the 2nd part of this leg.

Upon completion, teams had to assemble at Rincon Road, Las Cuevas to trek to Habio Waterfall then to Caurita Ridge in St. Joseph. This trek required only 3 team members having to endure a constant hill climb for about 6 miles and then a relatively flat terrain for 5 miles. During this trek, teams had to answer 4 multiple choice questions with each incorrect answer resulting in time penalties. The completion times for this leg ranged between 1hr 54 mins and 4 hrs 15mins.

At around 5:00pm, teams (using 3 persons per team), were required to run for 5km from TGIF in a clockwise direction around the Queens Park Savannah and back to TGIF then proceed into the Cruise Shipping area at the Port Authority with their fourth team member. This leg of the event ranged from 19 to 44 mins.

The Port Authority of Trinidad and Tobago was the title sponsor and the event which was coordinated, planned and managed by Trail Masterz, was a tremendous success. The event received high kudos (email and word of mouth) from all participants especially the visiting teams as seen below.

Award Company Team Sponsor
1st Place Eco Adventures Eco Adventures Fusion
2nd Place Deloitte CT Container Recovery & Billing
3rd Place Port Authority Junglist Pilots Association
1st Port Team Port Authority Junglist 4 Gillete Fusion Hampers (M&D)
4th Place The Ultimate Frisbee The Ultimate Players 4 LJ Williams Hampers + 4 Subway vouchers
5th Place Angostura Limited Die Hards Fusion
6th Place BPTT The Beasts 2 Unilever Hampers +1 Holiday Foods Hamper
7th Place GDF Suez GDF Suez 2 Large nature Valley Hampers + 2 Holiday Foods


8th Place Jai’s Car Wash Team Jai 1 Hand Arnold hamper +1 Oasis hamper + 4

Subway vouchers

9th Place Port Authority Jerry-A-Tricks 1 Holiday Foods hamper +1 Oasis Hamper + 4

Subway vouchers

TEAM SPIRIT Port Authority Chaotic Balance 4 Carib Hampers + 2 Angostura Hampers.
1st placed Female Team Port Authority Hotties in Pink 4 Johnson and Johnson’s hampers +4 Spa gift

vouchers (Sanctuary)

2nd placed Female


Central Bank of T&T CB Amazons 2 St. Ives hamper (Agostini’s)+ 2 small Nature

Valley hampers


Participating Teams

Team # Team Name Entity
1 4-Sure Port Authority of T&T
2 Alpha 1 Petrotrin Trinmar Operation
3 Alpha Hashers PCS Nitrogen
4 Beta Hashers PCS Nitrogen
5 BG Gas Brains BG Trinidad & Tobago
6 CB Amazons Central Bank of T&T
7 CB Samurais Central Bank of T&T
8 CB Spartans Central Bank of T&T
9 Chaotic Balance (Crazy Strength) Port Authority of T&T
10 Corkie’s Casuals A Corkie’s Casuals
11 Corkie’s Casuals B Corkie’s Casuals
12 CT Deloitte
13 Die Hards Angostura Ltd.
14 Earth Alert Earth Alert
15 Eco Adventures Eco Adventures
16 Fanatics Port Authority of T&T
17 FS1 Fluor Summit Alliance
18 FS2 Fluor Summit Alliance
19 Fujitsu Ninjas Fujitsu
20 GDF Suez GDF Suez
21 Hotties in Pink – HIP Squad Port Authority of T&T
22 Jerry-A-Tricks Port Authority of T&T
23 Jumbie Multi Sport Jumbie Multi Sport
24 Junglist Port Authority of T&T
25 Lions Pride
26 NFM Bushketeers NFM
27 Nu-Cru 1 Nu-Iron Unlimited
28 Nu-Cru 2 Nu-Iron Unlimited
29 Renegades bpTT
30 Team – B Vikings Club
31 Team Cold Sweat Oscar Francois Limited
32 Team Jai Jai’s Car Wash
33 The Beacon Trail Blazers Beacon Insurance
34 The Beasts bpTT
35 The Mountain Cats Micro Software Designs Ltd.
36 The School Masters International School (ISPS)
37 The Ultimate Players The Ultimate Frisbee
39 TTIT – Trekkers Port Authority of T&T
40 Vikings Vikings Club
41 White Oak Mix & Match Angostura Ltd.
42 Yes We Can Port Authority of T&T

Official Results

Download the official Fusion 2009 Results (PDF)

About Fusion

In the 1970’s, during the running craze, people found that road races were not enough; they found adventure in the untamed wilderness where waterfalls and highlands became backdrops for adventures to come. In 2006, the adventure race Fusion was birthed in Trinidad and Tobago as a means of promoting the sport in Trinidad and Tobago; thanks to our title sponsor “The Port Authority of Trinidad and Tobago” in 2007 14 teams participated. By 2015 this number grew to 108 teams.

The event, which recognises three categories, namely Male, Female and Mixed, takes competitors through mountain trails and other terrain, offering the opportunity for persons to discover the veiled treasures of the island from a unique perspective.  Additionally, it offers intrigue as participants are only informed of what is required of them at each successive stage; emphasis is placed on teamwork, rather than individual achievement.  Pushing the limits of endurance, successful teams of 4 band together to overcome and adapt to the challenges set before them both physically and mentally; it is a platform for personal development in a fun and positive team environment. This event tests team spirit, camaraderie, ingenuity, skill and commitment while exploring the boundaries of what’s possible by pushing oneself physically and mentally, instilling a sense of accomplishment while providing an enriching and fun experience. 

Our slogan – “When you cross the finish line, you’ll know a little more about yourself” aptly represents Fusion’s objectives.

Fusion Rules

Download the Fusion Rules (PDF)

Fusion Gear List

Download the Fusion Gear List (PDF)

Fusion X Flyer

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Important Note: Venomous Snakes

Download the Notice (PDF)