Fusion Facts

Throughout the years many teams have improved their overall times and persons are becoming much fitter and faster. We analysed speed versus terrain and slope, some of our findings are summarised below:

  • Distance: >15km
  • Terrain: Land
  • Average slope: 10.5%, -11.5%
  • Average speed of the fastest team: 6.23km/h
  • Average speed of the slowest team: 3.3km/h

Note: Under 15km the speed increases by 0.3km/h; for every 0.1% increase in average slope and maintaining the same distance, the speed reduces by 0.1%. A huge reduction in speed is evidenced by change in terrain to water (river hike); it drops to approximately 4km/h for a distance under 8km.

Fusion Facts

Fusion is not predictable but depending on whether or not you want to compete or complete, you should have an idea of the speeds you should be clocking in your training. Happy and safe training…

About Fusion

In the 1970’s, during the running craze, people found that road races were not enough; they found adventure in the untamed wilderness where waterfalls and highlands became backdrops for adventures to come. In 2006, the adventure race Fusion was birthed in Trinidad and Tobago as a means of promoting the sport in Trinidad and Tobago; thanks to our title sponsor “The Port Authority of Trinidad and Tobago” in 2007 14 teams participated. By 2015 this number grew to 108 teams.

The event, which recognises three categories, namely Male, Female and Mixed, takes competitors through mountain trails and other terrain, offering the opportunity for persons to discover the veiled treasures of the island from a unique perspective.  Additionally, it offers intrigue as participants are only informed of what is required of them at each successive stage; emphasis is placed on teamwork, rather than individual achievement.  Pushing the limits of endurance, successful teams of 4 band together to overcome and adapt to the challenges set before them both physically and mentally; it is a platform for personal development in a fun and positive team environment. This event tests team spirit, camaraderie, ingenuity, skill and commitment while exploring the boundaries of what’s possible by pushing oneself physically and mentally, instilling a sense of accomplishment while providing an enriching and fun experience. 

Our slogan – “When you cross the finish line, you’ll know a little more about yourself” aptly represents Fusion’s objectives.

Fusion Rules

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Fusion Gear List

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Fusion X Flyer

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Important Note: Venomous Snakes

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