Fusion Virtual 7 Series Challenge

As the entire World journeys through these turbulent times of restrictions on gatherings and social distancing, we at Fusion Adventure Races have had to adapt. So… We now present to you our first virtual adventure race, The Fusion Virtual 7 Series Challenge.

The Fusion Virtual 7 Series Challenge is a 7-Mission virtual race series designed for athletes of all levels who wish to take their love of running and fitness to the adventurous eco off-roads.

Virtually managed, participants will be given one mission per month, for 7 consecutive months to complete. We prepare the course (clearing and marking), you choose the day and time to tackle the Mission during the stipulated 1-Month Mission Window.  Additionally, every month, we will be recognising a different cause and assisting accordingly.

“Until you step into the unknown, you don’t know what you’re made of.” – Roy T Bennett.

Challenge Details

Here is what you need to know about The Fusion Virtual 7 Series Challenge

  1. It’s an individual challenge, not a team event.
  2. 1 Mission, every month, for 7 months. Each Mission must be completed and uploaded during its respective 1-Month Mission Window
  3. It’s a 7-Mission Series. You want fame?..well you will have to complete ALL the Missions. Though outstanding performances at the individual Mission level will be recognized and rewarded.
  4. If it isn’t on Strava, it never happened – Mission courses, Fusion Club Membership, tracking of your performance and Mission Leaderboards will be hosted on Strava. Strava is one of the World’s leading GPS based activity tracking and social media apps which works seamlessly with most smart phones and watches.
  5. You can attempt a Mission multiple times during the Mission Window, if you’re tusty, but only your best time will appear on the Mission Leaderboard.
  7. First Mission Starts, November 01, 2020
  8. First Mission Map Upload via Fusion Club, October 30, 2020
  9. You are asked to adhere to the guidelines set out by the Ministry of Health regarding outdoor exercise activities


  1. Customized E-Certificates of Participation for athletes successfully completing all 7 Missions. Certificates customized with selfies and scenery pics taken by you while on Mission
  2. Paid travel and accommodation to compete in next live Fusion Adventure Race, Fusion Tobago – Overall Winner of Series, Male and Female

The Missions

Missions will be progressive in nature, starting less challenging at a 5KM course and progressively building in difficulty to culminate with a 15KM course as the last (these are estimated distances, and may vary slightly from Mission GPS maps). Our dedicated and experienced Trail Management Team (TMT) will ensure that all Mission courses are cleared, marked and safe, prior to opening of the Mission Window.  Terrain will be trail, road, or a combination of both.

How It Works

We have set up a Strava Club, Fusion Adventure Race and we outline below how the virtual races will work.

  1. Register for the event for free at https://raceroster.com/events/2020/34343/fusion-virtual-7-series-challenge
  2. Create a Strava account
  3. Search for the club Fusion Adventure Race and join the club
  4. A course segment will be uploaded to Strava and shared via social media and our website www.fusionadventurerace.com to be completed during the identified month.  Complete the course during the month identified using your GPS tracking device.  There are readily available options for Garmin, Zwift, Wadhoo, Polar, Apple Watch, Suunto, Amazfit, Fitbit, Samsung, Peloton, Bryton, Pioneer, Trainerroad, Sigma and Lezyne
  5. Upload activity to your profile in Strava, with a pic or two of your choice
  6. Connect the uploaded activity to the course segment that was shared

About Fusion

In 2007, Fusion Adventure Races was birthed as a means of promoting the sport in Trinidad and Tobago. In year ONE Fusion hosted 14 – 4 persons teams; one annual race, hosted more than 100 teams. In 2014, 84 teams travelled to Tobago to participate in Fusion VIII. Fusion has earned its place as the premier adventure race in Trinidad & Tobago. The races take competitors through mountain trails, offering athletes the opportunity to discover the veiled treasures of the island from a unique perspective. Additionally, intrigue is built as participants are only informed of what is required of them at each successive stage.

One of the cornerstones of Fusion races, is that emphasis is placed on teamwork, rather than individual achievement. Another cornerstone of all Fusion’s activities is safety. No stone is left unturned. Through extensive event planning, experience and teamwork, the team ensures the execution of a quality event that is bond by fun, camaraderie and integrity. This event tests team spirit, ingenuity, skill and commitment while exploring the boundaries of what’s possible by pushing oneself physically and mentally. Our slogan – “When you cross the finish line, you’ll know a little more about yourself,” becomes a reality for all team and persons touched by the spirit of Fusion.

The overwhelming demand for Fusion events pushed us in 2015 to introduce an ancillary event called Fusion Lite. Fusion Lite acts as a preparation for Fusion and has become a scouting ground for those who are looking to put together a strong contending team for Fusion. Fitness enthusias and clubs use this event as a measure of their readiness for Fusion. It is an overall test on their mettle. Fusion Lite represents one (1) leg of the full Fusion Adventure Race and that year, it attracted one hundred and twenty-six (126) teams of two (2). In 2016, two hundred and eleven teams (211) teams participated in Fusion Lite II !!

The bar was raised in 2018. “Fusion One on 1” was introduced. Three hundred and ninety-five (395) participants competed as individuals against one course. The Lluengo Loop starting and ending at Maracas Beach was the course. This will remain the location for several years so that persons can compete against their own time.

We have partnered with leading hiking clubs and fostered a symbiotic relationship through revamping defunct trails and creating new ones which hike clubs make full use of throughout the year. We are known for integrating ourselves into the communities that we take the race to as we incorporate the history and culture of these towns and villages into the intellectual challenges of the race. Promotion of history and culture of remote villages through knowledge transfer and education is another objective of the Fusion brand. An excellent example of this was our partnership with village elders and leaders of Lopinot, Brasso Seco and more recently Gran Couva when we took the event there.

Being the difference we want to see

As we trek across a course, we become one with the environment. We see, smell and breathe in what others can only begin to imagine. As a result our horizons are broadened. Over the years, the diversity of our teams be it culture, race, etc challenged us to learn and then learn some more not just about racing but the variety of issues that affect our racers and their families.

In 2018, the race highlighted the triumphs and challenges of those living with Autism. In 2019, our focus is on Child Abuse. To ensure that the services formed to address this dynamic in our country were incorporated we formed a partnership with the Children’s Authority of Trinidad and Tobago. One of the aims is to have our teams, volunteers and sponsors become an additional channel through which conversations and deliberate discussions can take place to learn about and adder the problem of child abuse in our country.

Why child abuse?

Teamwork is an integral part of Fusion and we have observed that to work together as a team, persons must be willing to listen and make the requisite adjustments in order to succeed. We believe that this philosophy is applicable in the family and by extension our country. Within the family, as with a team, we must observe each other in particular our children. The phrase that they are our future can never be overstated or become cliché. It is our responsibility to become consciously aware of how our actions impact them; we must understand why they may be exhibiting certain behaviours.

Our observations and how we deliberately address them will support us in ensuring that our children are safe; that our children know that they are valued and that they are valuable.

It is because of the aforementioned symbiosis of working as a team, caring for each other, compassion with willingness to adjust that we can be an additional means through which child abuse prevention can be communicated in a meaningful manner and consistently.

Fusion Rules

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Fusion Gear List

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Fusion X Flyer

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Important Note: Venomous Snakes

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