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Fusion One On 1 – The Lluengo Challenge 2019 Results.

About the Fusion One on 1 2019 Course

The Lluengo Challenge furnishes participants with most of the running/hiking tests rolled into 1 course.

Persons are required to run along the Maracas Beach in a westerly direction and make their way onto the North Coast Road. They then continue in an easterly direction to Grand Fond Road and proceed onto this road until the entrance of the trail located by the stream covering a distance of 2.49km. There is then the 1.57km ascent with 30.8% gradient followed by a water station in St. Joseph 1.3km after. There is then a gradual ascent of 19.7% for 2.79km and a 3.68km descent where the average slope is -19.8%.


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