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What Our Fusionites Say

Having been accustomed to hiking from being a member of The President's Award- Trinidad and Tobago, I figured it would have been easy. All was well until Mission Stingray. (lol) The missions are becoming gradually difficult and challenging, but I look to forward to it with great enthusiasm and excitement. It allows me to push myself physically and mentally every month....and I LOVE IT !!
Diane Chinpire
The Fusion team has shown that they are superior to many T&T sporting federations with their ability to adjust during these challenging times and keep athletes in a competitive physical and mental state. So far the Fusion Virtual 7Series has proven to be such a testing yet exciting and inspiring adventure. I think each month's segment has its own unique challenges, so no matter if it's a 5km distance or 13km run, you know that you will be confronted with obstacles to push you beyond your boundaries.
Jason Costelloe
I have really enjoyed the fusion virtual series thus far. It has given me the opportunity to meet fantastic people, learn new places and challenge myself and my clients to something a little different. Every month I look forward to the next challenge and the chance to test my "bad mind". I recommend this event for any fitness enthusiast or anyone looking to challenge or test themselves. Fusion Adventure Race gets a 4 out of 5 stars from me.
Curtis Griffith
Being able to do this on your own time with who you want and for how many times you want is fantastic...and I dare say that everyone taking part in this gets to feel their own sense of accomplishment which results in doses of happiness in the midst of Covid weariness. Another plus is that you get to see and learn about the beauty of our country....sweet T&T, a refreshing change from phone and tv.
Kathy Ann Hogan
It was an amazing first time experience to say the least for me, it was adventure for the determined at heart. The volunteers were great, they provided assurances for when your mind begins to wonder off.
Khemraj Sahadeo

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