The best adventure race in the Caribbean

Having been accustomed to hiking from being a member of The President's Award- Trinidad and Tobago, I figured it would have been easy. All was well until Mission Stingray. (lol) The missions are becoming gradually difficult and challenging, but I look to forward to it with great enthusiasm and excitement. It allows me to push myself physically and mentally every month....and I LOVE IT !!
Diane Chinpire
The Fusion team has shown that they are superior to many T&T sporting federations with their ability to adjust during these challenging times and keep athletes in a competitive physical and mental state. So far the Fusion Virtual 7Series has proven to be such a testing yet exciting and inspiring adventure. I think each month's segment has its own unique challenges, so no matter if it's a 5km distance or 13km run, you know that you will be confronted with obstacles to push you beyond your boundaries.
Jason Costelloe
The virtual series has encouraged togetherness among local clubs and has even been encouraging newcomers to share in their experience. The trials were nothing but remarkable! My already high appreciation for nature has grown with all the majestic views! I love that there's always the perfect spot to take those signature #Annajumps
Anna Ram
This is such a fantastic race, perfectly combining elements of speed, terrain, nature, beach and liming that I believe you should make it an annual event. No matter how prepared you feel you are for this race, it will challenge you.
Mark Lee Son
I learned so much about myself going through that trail. I finished and I did way better than I would have expected. It easily would have been the single most physically demanding activity I have ever done and at the same time extremely fulfilling. Thank you for providing an outlet for such an experience. I felt safe, challenged and completely satisfied.
Arion Stafford
As an adventure seeker whom had fallen off the wagon, I got back into heavy cardio training and decided to do what I love and challenge myself at Fusion One on 1. Having done many hikes but never an adventure/trail race before, I knew this would be a different beast to my usual road running. Yet I still met the unexpected and I strongly believe only through experience can you truly understand and tame this beast. I dug in deep and conquered the course. An experience that has left me hungry for more with a desire to prepare accordingly and challenge my current efforts.
Kevin Morgan
It's a challenge that forces you to make yourself strong from within and yet humbles you to recognize there is no one man on a team. It teaches you to be committed and disciplined and creates a fire and anticipation to win. But the reward you go after is beyond a prize, it is about pushing yourself beyond your own expectations and finishing strong. We train the physical as well as your mental. And not knowing what to expect on race day just makes the journey sweeter.
Ecliff Elie
I have really enjoyed the fusion virtual series thus far. It has given me the opportunity to meet fantastic people, learn new places and challenge myself and my clients to something a little different. Every month I look forward to the next challenge and the chance to test my "bad mind". I recommend this event for any fitness enthusiast or anyone looking to challenge or test themselves. Fusion Adventure Race gets a 4 out of 5 stars from me.
Curtis Griffith
Being able to do this on your own time with who you want and for how many times you want is fantastic...and I dare say that everyone taking part in this gets to feel their own sense of accomplishment which results in doses of happiness in the midst of Covid weariness. Another plus is that you get to see and learn about the beauty of our country....sweet T&T, a refreshing change from phone and tv.
Kathy Ann Hogan
This has been wonderful for me and more than makes up for my missed marathon in Miami and the FUSION in Tobago. I appreciate the time and effort you and friends have taken to put back some joy into our lives.
Rosamund Jolly
This event provides you with the opportunity to show yourself what you are really capable of as you continue to dig deep and push forward regardless of the obvious fatigue. This event creates opportunities for sportsmanlike bonds to be forged during the activity giving you that additional edge of inspiration and encouragement from those around you.
Stefan Fancique
It was an amazing first time experience to say the least for me, it was adventure for the determined at heart. The volunteers were great, they provided assurances for when your mind begins to wonder off.
Khemraj Sahadeo
Having participated and competed in all of the editions of Fusion Adventure Races, I have demonstrated the old adage ‘you get out what you put in’. If you prepare properly, focus on positive thinking with determination, at the end you are refreshed in mind and spirit and very satisfied. Eat healthy and you will not require medical attention, as was the case with me one year.
Mario Baptiste
It is my hope that Fusion grows into an event where foreigners come to our shores to take part for fun, for competition. To Mr. Charles Bobb-Semple and the Port Authority of Trinidad and Tobago, keep up the good work, keep us challenged, and more importantly, keep us together! To all participating in 2013 all the best.
Simon Gonzales