Fusion Adventure Race

Fusion One on 1 – The Lluego Challenge 2019

Maracas Beach in Trinidad was the location for Fusion One On 1 where individuals had to compete against one course. The course was the 11.9km Lluengo Loop and was held on the 27th of April 2019.

Three hundred and eight (308) participants gathered at the location in the vicinity of Uncle Sam’s Bar from as early as 4am in preparation for the 7am start of the race. There was a huge buzz of excitement in the air as persons collected their packages with their usual race bibs, pins and subsequent timing chips. Music filled the atmosphere to add to the already fun charged atmosphere.

James Saunders was the Master of Ceremonies and he further amplified the atmosphere via his very animated and hilarious gesticulation which captured all who were in his sound and sight. At 6:45am, Director of the Children’s Authority Safiya Noel shared with participants on the importance of detecting and preventing child abuse after which persons made their way to the Eastern end of the Beach and with baited breath awaited the sound of the horn signaling the start of a day that would be unforgettable.

Director Noel sounded at exactly 7:00am and persons made their way to the Western end of the beach and then onto the road back to Uncle Sam’s Bar where they entered into the Grand Fond Road for a 2km run. On entering the canopy of the forest, the first phase of the Lluengo Loop, required persons to ascend the terribly steep Lluengo Mountain that would have felt longer than 1.7km as the average slope was 30.8%.

Participants then descended 1.4km to the water station located in St. Joseph where they would have been blessed with magnificent views of the valley. After hydrating and soaking themselves, persons had to complete a gradual 3km ascent to an area dubbed as the Cross where persons can go to the second peak of El Tucuche, Las Cuevas or Maracas Beach. Participants were directed on the trail to Maracas Beach and initially had a steep 80m ascent and a long 5km descent to Maracas Beach.

Michael Honore demolished the previously set fastest time which was set by Kelvin Johnson. Honore stopped the clock at 1 hour 28 minutes 34 seconds!!!!!! Patricia Sorias was the first female to complete the course in a blistering time of 1 hour, 59 minutes and 27 seconds shattering her own record by more than 7 minutes!!!

All participants were champions and kudos to the team for seamless logistics and a well organised race at all points with no serious injuries reported.

Supporters were at the heart of the event cheering on all finishers who received medals in tribute of Child Abuse Awareness. Everyone was kept entertained by MC extraordinaire, James Saunders who provided up to date information as it came on the progress of race.

The top ten fastest women were Patricia Sorias (1:59:27), Gabrielle Lyons(2:11:25), Allie Adams (2:17:10), Adeline Lamorell (2:27:08), Anika Walker (2:30:36), Samantha Snaggs (2:34:12), Esther McLetchie (2:34:35), Kureen Charles (2:41:14), Roxanne Lewis (2:41:38) and Anna Maria Fermin (2:44:53).

The top twenty-two men all completed the course in under 2 hours seeing Michael Honore break the record by 2 minutes. The top ten fastest men were Michael Honore (1:28:34), Guswii George (1:37:40), Lionel D’andrade (1:37:54), Thomas Adams (1:38:34), Kevern De Bellott (1:39:20), Ted John (1:41:08), Sharma Maharaj (1:45:19), Javan Lynch (1:46:55), David Jack (1:47:25) and Kerwyn Mahabir (1:47:26).

Rosamund Jolly and Hafeez Mohammed were the oldest female and male Fusionites to complete the course while Siddiq Hoein was the youngest athlete at 8 years of age, Nadesh Boodoo at age 9 was the fastest boy under 15 and his sister Karishma Boodoo was the youngest female Fusionite to complete at age 15.