Fusion Adventure Race

Fusion Virtual 7 Series Challenge

About FUSION Virtual 7

Fusion Virtual 7 is a 7 part series virtually managed race where participants will be given one course per month for 7 months to complete.  It is a virtual adventure race to encourage athletes of all ability levels to get out and explore the outdoors in Trinidad; unfortunately due to restrictions, we are unable to create such courses in our sister-isle Tobago.

You choose when you want to do a course, morning, noon, night… Participants complete one course per month anytime during the month at their convenience and upload from their device against the identified course within Strava.  If participants repeat the course during the month and bettered their time, they are free to upload the updated course details into Strava once completed within the identified month.  Participants are also encouraged to take some selfie videos and pictures on the course to share them with us.

The details of the course with GPS information for the subsequent month will be provided on the last day of the current month via our social media channels. Leaderboards will be determined by the overall fastest time to complete the series.


Registration is FREE

  • The series winners will get paid travel and accommodation to compete in Fusion Tobago
  • Racing begins in November 2020

Why do it?

Compete or complete

Fusion Virtual will be a great way to begin running or for the seasoned runners it will provide an opportunity to compete against other athletes, utlising the same course at your convenience.  This way you have the opportunity to earn your virtual medals while not dealing with the busyness of race day. Most of our events are very competitive, however, in general we always catered for those who just want to complete.  In this version of our races, once you are able to complete, that is what is important.  You complete the course at your pace and upload the requisite information to be part of the event. It is that simple.

Your time, your choice

The virtual races can be done on any day in the specified month at anytime that you choose. You do not have to wake up early as is required on race day but you can choose to complete the course at your convenience. In fact, you can wake up whenever you wish and begin your race day routine anytime.


In Fusion Virtual events, you do not have to be concerned about finding a parking spot or contending with many other persons physically on the same course while you are there. You competitively compete with others but not necessarily at the same time; same course definitely…

The courses

We intend to begin the series with an approximate 5km course building to an approximate 15km as the last. The events will progressively get more difficult as the months progress but we will ensure that all of the courses are cleared, marked and safe. The races will be either on road, trail or a combination of both.

How It Works

We have set up a Strava Club, Fusion Adventure Race and we outline below how the virtual races will work.

  1. Register for the event for free at https://raceroster.com/events/2020/34343/fusion-virtual-7-series-challenge
  2. Create a Strava account
  3. Search for the club Fusion Adventure Race and join the club
  4. A course segment will be uploaded to Strava and shared via social media and our website www.fusionadventurerace.com to be completed during the identified month.
  5. Complete the course during the month identified using your GPS tracking device. There are readily available options for Garmin, Zwift, Wadhoo, Polar, Apple Watch, Suunto, Amazfit, Fitbit, Samsung, Peloton, Bryton, Pioneer, Trainerroad, Sigma and Lezyne
  6. Upload activity to your profile in Strava, with a pic or two of your choice
  7. Connect the uploaded activity to the course segment that was shared


  • Fusion will not be responsible if anyone injures themselves and participants do it at their own risk.
  • Participants are to adhere to the health guidelines as administered by the Ministry of Health